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Laundering Tips
I prewash and preshrink all of my fabrics before cutting the patterns. Use precaution with laundering the first few washes to prevent further shrinkage and possible color bleeding, especially with darker colors or fabrics that have been custom dyed.

Machine wash warm, rinse cold in normal cycles with regular detergent. Machine dry warm. Fabric softener and dryer sheets may compromise absorbency. Warm or hot steam iron when needed.

PUL garments:
No special care needs to be taken with PUL covered garments. Machine wash. You may want to use a cooler temperature for machine drying, but warm cycles will not harm the fabric. Avoid very hot drying temperatures. Do not iron. Do not use fabric softener.

Polyester Fabrics including suede cloth and fleece
Machine wash warm, rinse cold in normal cycles with regular detergent. Machine dry warm. Do not iron, avoid fabric softener and dryer sheets.

I recommend using a wool wash rich in lanolin. Google search "wool wash" to find a variety of good products online. For best results, hand wash in lukewarm water. Gently agitate and squeeze the garment in the water. Allow the garment to soak 20 minutes. Dump the water and gently squeeze out the excess water. If your wool wash requires rinsing, rinse in lukewarm water. Do not use fabric softener. Rinsing in cold water will shock the fibers and cause shrinking or "felting." You can run the soaked garment through a delicate or hand wash spin cycle to remove excess water, or you can lay the garment on a bath towel and roll the towel the length of the garment allowing the towel to soak up excess water. You may need to repeat that process once or twice. Air dry flat away from sun or direct heat source. Block the garment to achieve sizing and shape. 

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